Monday, April 30, 2018

The Liebster Tag

The Liebster Award// Tag

I was tagged by a couple people for this so I better get started! Thank you all for tagging me!

                                                                    R U L E S 

Thank the person who nominated you 

Answer the 11 questions they gave you

Name 11 facts about you 

Nominate 11 bloggers to do this tag, and let them know "Hm."

Give them 11 questions to answer 
Questions from LaKaysha.
1. What is one thing you wish you could have done in the past?
                      I can't think of anything.
2.  Favorite drink?
      Cream soda?.
3. What is your nightly ritual/ what do you do to unwind before bed?
          I like to read or draw.
4. Do you workout?
5. Have you ever been to an ancient historic site?
     Hmm. Does Plymouth plantation count? 
6. Name five movies you love.
    That's hard I love a lot of movies. Pendragon, Beyond the Mask, A Night to Remember, Penguins of Madagascar, Norm of the North. The first five that came to mind.   
7. What song do you listen to when you're in a good mood?
    I'm Proud to be a American.? I think!
8. Your favorite classic novel?
          Our only May Amelia? 
9.Your favorite classic movie?
            A Night to Remember.

10. What is one daily chore you don't enjoy?
       Loading the dish washer.

11.Who is your favorite fictional hero? (as in a male) 
 Wynn in the Canadian West Series

              Q U E S T I O N S From Daminika!

1. What are five "little" things that always make you happy?
Books, Lady bugs, A nice sharp pencil, a loving hug , A nice word from a friend.
2. The first book that made you cry? 
Ah, I think it was "The seven Little Australians."
3. What song describes you? 
I have no clue!
4. If you were to play in a movie, who would you want to be your co-star?
Liberty and Damara! Who else?! 
5. As a child, which Disney prince made you wish you were his princess?
Sorry. I didn't watch Disney princess movies when I was younger. 
6. One funny thing that happened to you so far this month?
I'll Change this to fun And say, BOWLING with Liberty and Damara!  
7. Favorite Disney soundtrack?
Sorry again! No clue!
8. What movie have you been wanting to watch?
Along Yet not Along!
9. Who is your favorite author? 
Janet Oke
10. What time do you usually go to bed? Get up?
Get up 8:00 ish,  go to bed 9:00 ish 
11. Do you like sweet pickles?

Questions from Liberty.

1. What would you prefer? Snow or Rain?
I like both about the same. 

2. Would you be able to live without technology for a whole week?
I think I could. 

 3. Do you like cowboys? 

4. Who's your favorite singer? 
Buddy Davis.

5. If you could live anywhere where would you live? 
That's a hard one. Where my friends and family are.

6. Hot or cold weather? 

7. Do you like cats? 

8. Do you have a dog or puppy? 
NO! *sigh*

9. What's the weather like today?

10. What did you do when you first woke up today? 
I went out in the garage to see What Mikayla and Emmy were doing. "They slept  in the there." 

11. How many siblings do you have?
Eleven facts about me.
     1. I LOVE to read!
2. I want a dog.
           3. I love to do my hair.
                     4. I don't like winter so much.
                             5. I LOVE long dresses and skirts.
                 6.I want to be a missionary.
7. I hate snakes!
               8. I like to play Yahtzee.
                9. I want to go to Boston.
                                       10. I love the revolutionary war time era.
          11. I love my sibling's.

If any one else tagged me sorry! This is already a long tag!
I know it's the rules but if I tagged anyone they would have to do it for the 4th or 5th time! So, is it ok if I don't tag any one?

~Kylie N.


Damara, Me, and Liberty!

I'm back! Sorry I have not been on much lately. Our computer stopped working correctly so I didn't go on. Liberty and Damara surprised me by coming to visit me! Thank you, Liberty and Damara! It was fun! I also want to tell you I will be putting no more chapters of my Book the "Ranch and the Thieves" on. When our computer stopped working correctly I started a knew book. And I like it better. Sorry  to stop in the beginning on you!! :(  I will not be putting my knew book on until it is done. That way I can change it whenever I like and will not leave you hanging again! Sorry again!   

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hold to that Hope!

Image result for hopeful sayings
Don't For get to pray when things get sad, confusing, fill hopeless, and you are weary.
Never forget God is in  control . Never lose hope.
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 Image result for hopeful quotes and sayings
See the source image 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Movies I Watched Recently Tag

                   Movies I Watched Recently Tag

Hi! I wanted to do a tag ,so here one is!

1. Ace Wonder
Image result for ace wonder picture

I Like this movie a lot. Though, I would not watch it all the time.

Image result for where the red fern grows pictures
The story is sad and tense , but even though, it a good movie. Mikayla doesn't like it. I can understand!
Image result for wild stallion movie pictures
A good movie if you like horses. Just have to over look the "save the wild horses" stuff. ;)

Image result for PENDRAGON, SWORD OF HIS FATHER  pictures
Got to be my favorite movie! Love, Love, Love it! Clean, Exciting , adventurous, and It has a good christen message.

5.Ann of Green Gables
Image result for Ann of Green Gables  pictures
My moms favorite movie.

6.Road to Avonlea (First ,and Second volume)
Image result for road to avonlea (first ,and second volume)Image result for road to avonlea (first ,and second volume)
7. A Night To Remember.
Image result for A Night To Remember
So sad , and tragic! The story of the Titanic. Have you watched it?

8.Charletts Web 
Image result for Charletts Web
Cute movie!

9. Seven Alone
Image result for Seven Alone
Sad, and exciting!
10. Due South: Pilot
Image result for Due South: Pilot
 I like it. Its about a Mountie! Its not only exciting , its funny to.

11.Walking Thunder
Image result for walking thunder movie
 A Funny movie, but a little weird.

 Hope you enjoyed!

I Tag:
Damara at Through My Eyes
Daminika at Walking in the Sonshine

1. The movies must be movies you watched recently. (The past month?)
2. There are no more Rules! ;D

 So long!~Kylie




Saturday, October 28, 2017


Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends

Hi all! I want to do a post to my BFF'S, Liberty ,and Damara! I Love and Miss them so much! So, Here I  go!

Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends 
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Image result for Sayings and quotes about god and friends
Well, I have to go. Hope you enjoyed! I love you Liberty and Damara!   ~kylie
P.S. Emily please show this to Damara!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Chapter 3 "The Ranch and the Thieves"

                        Hi, How are you all! I got the next chapter done! It's short but, Hay. I hope it's enjoyable! Have you read the last chapter? 

                            Chapter 3

Mother sat at the table her chin on her hands. Father looked up when Emily entered. He gave her a weak smile, and took a sip of his coffee. " What's wrong? " Emily asked, Sitting down next to Mother. Mother looked at father and he looked at Mother silently. Mother sighed. She looked at  her tea. Emily shifted in her chair nervously. She knew that some thing was really, really wrong. After a long silence father finely said, "Well,...Don't tell the Twins yet, but... Um, we can't find the money we took out of the bank back east. So, we might not be able to keep the ranch." "What! " Emily shouted and stood up. " Not keep the ranch! No, No, No! We can't go back East! We can't!" "Well, either that or We sell the horses." "That's not fair! The Money can't just walk away! It has to be some where! "Emily Shouted. " Shh! Keep your voices down. "Mother said," You'll wake the twins and Mary." "We looked all over and didn't find it. We think..."Father took a deep breath. "It was stolen." "Oh." Emily said miserably. She tried to keep the tears back but she knew that she could not keep them for long. She ran out the kitchen door and to the barn. She petted all the horses. Telling them all that she didn't want to leave. Then She went up the ladder to the loft and sat down on a hay bail. There she let the tears flow. After about ten minutes, Emily calmed down. She slipped to her knees and prayed. "Lord, I know what happened. We forgot to pray before we bought the Ranch. You know it was not a good idea. " Emily started to cry again." Well, Lord, What do I do? Please answer me soon. I don't want to move, but... You choose if we stay. Thank you for listening. Amen." She stood up feeling as fresh as if she had never heard that they were probably going to move. She turned to go down the ladder and there was Father. " Oh, Father you scared me!" He climbed up the rest of the way and beckoned for her to come to him. They hugged for a minute. "How long were you there? " Emily asked sitting back down on the hay bail. "Not long, but I heard you're prayer. And I think you are right." "Right about what?" Emily asked." About how we didn't pray about buying the Ranch before we bought it. " Emily bit her lip. "I bet it was the three men." " Emily, We can't be sure it was them. We can't just accuse them with out evidence." Father said. "Then I'll get evidence. I'll find out took the money. If someone took it. It could still be in the house. "Emily said determinedly. Father and Emily went to the house. The smell of Eggs and sausage greeted them as they entered the house. "Emely!" Shouted Tom as Emily walk in the dining room. "Emily." corrected Mother Smiling at Emily. Emily served herself Eggs and sausage and then sat down at the table.
After the breakfast dishes were done, Emily sat down to fix Tim's teddy bear. It had ripped as Tom ran to the house the night that they move in. It got caught on a nail that was sticking out of the doorway. Father hammered the nail back in so someone would not get hurt on it. Emily didn't get much done on the teddy bear, because the doorbell rang. Emily quickly opened it. There stood Marty. She smiled shyly. "Hi ,...Um , can you come help me in the woods? I'm making a fort. Well, sort of a fort, and part of it is to hard to make by myself." Marty asked and shuffled her feet. "I'll go ask Mother." Emily ran to Mother, she was in the living room cleaning the floor. Mother said that she could go but had to be back for lunch. Emily ran back to tell Marty. They went to the woods and started to pick some flowers for the fort even though it was not done yet. They found that they began to talk more easily now that the knew one another better. As they got deeper in the woods they began to talk vary fast. After a sometime they could see the fort in the distance. All of a sudden Emily grabbed Marty's arm. "Do you hear that?" asked Emily. "Yes, It sounds like voices! "Marty answered tensely . Emily and Marty looked at one ether scared.

                 Chapter 4
                     The Mission Begins 

So there it is!! What do you think? If there is any changes you would do, please tell me freely! ~Kylie


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"The Ranch and the Thieves" Chapter 2

              Hi. Here is the next chapter in my book "The Ranch and the Thieves".  
I hope you enjoy! I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this on here. Life has been busy.  I didn't have time to get it done. Well here it is now!               

                                Chapter 2                         

                              "Now What!"
Emily jumped out of the car shouting. " We're here at last!" She ran toward the house. " Wait Emily! You need to bring you're sleeping bag and things you're sleeping with to the house. Then come back and get some of the food." Said Mother. "Scot did leave a refrigerator here, Jon? "Yes, He should have." Father said, handing Timothy his sleeping bag and teddy bear. Emily ran and got her sleeping bag from her Father. "It is much drier here then back east. The kids will..." Emily heard her Mother's voice fade away as she ran to the house. She flung open the door of the dark house. She felt around till she found the light switch and turned it on. The room flooded with light and she hand to blink a couple times to adjust to the light. The room was empty. She had expected that. She Went to the next room and went down the hall. At the very end of the hall she opened a door and entered the room. She put her stuff in one corner and looked around. The room seemed colder then the rest of the house. She looked at the window and found that it was open. She closed it wondering. Then she remembered that her Mother said come back and get some food. She ran out of the room back to the car. She took a bag of fruit and started back to the house still wondering why the window was open. " Maybe Scot opened it to air it out. But why would he air it out? I don't Remember it smelling bad! Maybe Someone..." Emily's thoughts were interrupted by Mother saying "Watch where you're going! What is the mater with you?". "um, I'm just thinking." said Emily shrugging. "Oh, well, You almost ran into me." Mother said. "Sorry, Mother." Emily said smiling. She went into the house and put the fruit on the counter. "Emily you better get to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow." said Father. "Yes papa." Emily said rushing to her room. She spread out her sleeping bag and made sure the window was locked. She was a bit nerves about it. "Why was it open? Was some one in here and snuck out that window? " Emily thought. "Well, Its locked now. I know that for sure." With that she snuggled up in her sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Emily woke up, and got dressed as fast as she could. She ran to the kitchen. "Where are you going?" Emily heard Mother say just as just as she was about to go out the kitchen door with two apples. "Oh, Hi Mom. " Emily said turning." I was about to go see the horse, And... maybe go riding. " Emily finished her sentence quietly. "You are not going to go anywhere. Your Father will take care off the horses." "Yes Mama." "Help me Make breakfast. Then we will start unpacking."  "Yes, Mama. " Emily said putting the apples back in the bag on the counter. "I'll go get the boxes of kitchen supplies so we can make breakfast then unpack them." Emily said. She went to the trailer and after a half an hour she had put most of the kitchen stuff in the house. After a quick breakfast, she and the rest of her family set to work unpacking. After lunch as Emily was taking one of the last boxes out of the car, She saw A girl and a lady coming up the driveway. She went to tell her father. When she and her father got to the drive way the girl and lady were almost to the door. "Welcome neighbor!" The lady shouted, then added when she got closer to them. "I am Mrs. Hard , just call me Grace. And this is my daughter Marty. We live on the right side of you. We were wondering if you needed any help." "We would a like the help very much." Father said shaking Grace's hand. "I'm Jon Hill. This here is my daughter, Emily." Emily nodded. To shy to talk. "Emily, you and Marty unpack your bedroom. Grace, I'm sure the my wife Rose will need help finishing unpacking the kitchen and living room..." Emily didn't hear the rest because she and Marty were going to her room. They went silently. When they got to Emily's room. Emily said, "Um, So you are Marty? How old are you?" "I'm Twelve. How bout you?"Marty answered. "I'm twelve ,too. We need to unpack these boxes. Will you take all the dresses in this box and hang them up in the closet?" "Ok." Marty said as she pulled the box to the closet.


Grace and Marty left right be for lunch and right after lunch the Hill family got some more visitors. This time, three men. They said that they worked at a Ranch down the road. They helped move the heavy furniture into the house and left. Emily felt very anxious around them.


The next morning Emily stretched and sat up in bed. It took a minute to remember where she was. Once she remembered where she was she was excited. " Father said today he would teach me how to ride the horses!" thought Emily excitedly as she slipped on her new cowgirl boots. Then she ran down the hall. she slowed down when she reached the end of the hall. She knew that something was wrong. She didn't smell breakfast or Mother singing. All she heard was muffled voices. She walk in the kitchen just in time to here her Mother say worriedly "Now what?!".
                                                 Chapter 3

Well  that is chapter 2! Please comment a whole bunch below!!   ~Kylie 

P.S. I'll try my best to get the next chapter on sooner this time!