Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'll Miss This Old Friend

Hi again, It's me Kylie. I'm doing a post about a sad thing that happened in my life. My Grandpa sold his ranch. And I'm doing a post on the last time I was there.

    Everything was fine on the way there.
We saw a Beautiful sun rise

We were almost there and we enjoyed the scenery 

Cody driving

We were almost there and our trailer  unhitched , But we were all right. It's a good thing they put chains on trailers so they don't unhitch all the way and roll away.
We're there!!
Now I'll put the pictures of the ranch house!

Now for the barn.

I'll never forget the swing,

Or the play house!

Or the 4-weeler rides ! LoL,  Love this picture!

 I love these two pictures!

WE didn't go far from the ranch and Grandpa  got a flat tire!
I'll miss this old friend The Ranch!
That's all for now. ~ Kylie    


  1. I love those last few pictures!
    It's so sad that we have to say goodbye to such a wonderful place. But I am so thankful for all the memories I have.
    Love you Kylie!! <33333

  2. I LOVE these pictures! I'm so glad you got to go there one last time, I wish I could have been there with you! I am gonna miss The Ranch SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! Love you Kylie! <333

    1. I wish you were there too! It was so Weird to see it empty! Love you too! <3333

  3. Kylie, I think that most of your cousins will miss that special place that was so much a part of most of your lives for many years.Do you think Grandpa and Sue will miss it? The answer is a great BIG YES!!! Life is full of change.. some that we look forward to and others we wish never happened, but God has a plan and we continue to pray that it is HE who leads us in the changes in our lives. The ranch memories will be there for the rest of all of our lives.... and the ranch stories will go on beyond our lives I am sure. I love you Kylie..... thank you for sharing your ranch thoughts and pics! GRANDPA JON

    1. I love you Grandpa! Thank you so much for what you said it helps me fill better. ;)