Monday, June 19, 2017

My Book "The Ranch and the Thieves".

Hi All! I hope you enjoy this post! I'm going to put a chapter of my book on! I have only the first chapter done, but as I write my book I'll put  the  chapters on my Blog! My book is called "The Ranch and the Thieves". So here you go.

                 The Ranch and the Thieves
                              Chapter 1
                         We're Moving!    

                   Emily Hills sat with the rest of the Family on the front porch. Mary, the youngest, only one year old, sat on Rose Hills', the mother of the family's lap. Thomas, most the time called Tom, sat whittling a stick. His twin Timothy , also known as Tim, was drawing a picture of a ranch house. The Father Jon Mills was watching Timothy draw. This family always dreamed of having a ranch. One day there dream came true! A letter came from a man named Scot. He said he was selling his ranch and had heard that they wanted a ranch. The Hills said they would see if they wanted to buy it by visiting him at his ranch. When they got there. They knew it was the place for them. "I love this place! Why would Scot want to sell such a place?" said Mother Rose. " Who knows." said Father Jon. "I love it!" Cried Emily." I say we buy it." "Me too!" The twins Chanted. Father picked up Mary and held her high above his head and said."Then its settled! We're buying it!" As they left the next morning the kids chatted happily about the things they were going to do when they moved in. When they got to their city they drove to Widow Art's house. She had told them that if they ever needed boxes to come to her house because she had to many boxes. After that thay went home. "Lets get some sleep." said Father."Tomorrow we pack to move." The kids cheered and ran up the stairs shouting, "Good night!".  The The kids where up early the next morning. Emily made pancakes for breakfast. She put a plate full in the oven to keep warm for her Father and Mother. Then she and the twins went to the garage. Thay separated the big boxes from the little. Then they went into the house again to see if Mother and Father where awake yet. They were and were eating pancakes. Mary sat in her little highchair covered in maple syrup. " I see that you kids have been busy. Can't wait to move to the ranch, huh?" said Father grinning. " Yes Father." Emily said hugging him. " Are we getting his horse too?" "All expects one, which Scot said is a race horse." "Yippy!"Cried Emily. The next week was full of packing and going to see other people to say good-bye. Finely the day came. They all climbed in to the car. As they started off they all yelled "Look out ranch here we come!" And fell into a fit a giggles. "Oh, I can't what!"Exclaimed Emily." What room will be my room, Father?"

                                       Chapter 2

                              Now What!

       Well I have to leave you hanging. I will try to put on the next chapter next week.~Kylie