Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Favorite Books on our Shelves Tag

My Favorite Books on our Shelves Tag

Hi all! I would have put a picture that was decorated and with writing on it, but I couldn't find it after I decorated it.  :(           

Here are my favorite books from our book shelves.

            1.The Hardy Boys series. 

          2.Nancy Drew series. 

        3. The "Little house" series. 

        4. The Royal Diaries.
      5. The Swiss Family Robinson,
      6. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

              7. Mandy.

            8.Sarah, Plain and Tall,
              9. Skylark.

10. Two on an Island.

                   11. Father's Big Improvements.

                   12. Trixie Belden series.

                   13. Magical Melons.

                    14. The Middle Moffat.
                    15. Danger on Panther Peak.

                    16.The Trolley Car Family.
                    17.Star in the Storm.
                    18. The Light Across the River.
19. Sadie Rose and The Daring Escape

                    20.The Bucks of Goober Holler.
                     21.Waiting for Anya.

There you have it. I may have missed some because we have so many books, but that's most of them. By the way, I didn't put these books in order from most favorite to least. I just put them on in any order.

I Tag:
Felicity @Poems, Prayers, and Promises.
Liberty @The Elegant Cowgirl.
Elisa @Pioneer Girl at Heart. 
Damara @Through My Eyes
Marita @When I Hear Music

The  Rules:
Have fun doing the tag.
Put pictures of the books.
Tag as many people as you want.

I hope you enjoyed this post! ~Kylie